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      1. Heavy Industial
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        Wuxi Heavy Industrial Micro Bearing Factory was founded in 2001. Its subsidiaries are: Wuxi City Zhongwei Bearing Co., Ltd., Wuxi Yuankai Transmission Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd., and Anhui Porter Bearing Co., Ltd. Our factory annually produces more than 30 million sets of high-quality stainless steel bearings, and the diameter of high-quality stainless steel bearings is 3mm to 100mm...

        • 2001 Year
          Date of establishment
        • 40 Million
          Stock quantity
        • 30 Million
          Annual output
        • 20+
          Bearing production line

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        • Food machinery

          The use of stainless steel bearings in food machinery can help food manufacturers get more return on investment from equipment, reduce maintenance costs, improve safety, maintain food hygiene, and ...

        • Small household

          In recent years, the small household appliance industry has maintained a relatively high growth rate. Our stainless steel bearings have been accompanied by the growth of China's small household...

        • Chemical machinery

          In these machines, the bearing is responsible for supporting the "shaft" with wheel, gear, turbine, rotor and other parts installed to help the shaft rotate smoothly. Our stainless steel ...

        • Agricultural machinery

          Over the years, it has provided farmers with the power required for high-intensity operation and high-yield. Bearings help designers achieve greater load capacity in agricultural equipment, reliabi...

        • Medical device field

          In the face of such challenges, new equipment needs to be able to diagnose and treat quickly, safely and reliably, while improving the comfort of patients and operators. Original equipment manufact...

        • Textile machinery

          Our stainless steel bearings are widely used in the field of textile printing and dyeing machinery. Our stainless steel bearings are resistant to high temperature, humidity and corrosion. They can ...


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